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Growing up IS hard to do! Social awkwardness, popularity or lack of, bullied, "not fitting in", are issues teenagers face growing up. Of the solutions kids seek to "fit in", alcohol and illegal drug use top the list. Substance abuse starts as early as 12 years of age. Deaths from prescription drugs & heroin are at an all time high. In 2014 New Jersey reported 781 deaths and 64,766 overdoses.

It's crystal clear that a healthcare crisis exists and resources are limited.

Right Your Life is a New Jersey based non-profit 501c(3) public charity that has been formed by a group of successful business and community leaders, all parents having had very personal experiences with the at-risk behavior of teenagers or by having suffered loss at the hands of the corrosive effects of addiction.

Our Mission is to steer at-risk kids a preventive path from addiction and for young adults suffering with addiction, a successful path to recovery. Early access to the necessary resources is critical to helping young people forge a successful plan for their life.

The WOOD U? PROJECT, A Workshop & Recovery Resource Center, provides a visible community resource that will offer residents the necessary assistance to find & provide recovery resources. Through this project, we will be able to provide art workshops, group & individual recovery coaching, life skills training, mentoring, educational support such as tutoring and GED preparation. Community volunteerism and healthy lifestyle activities will be incorporated.

It takes time to rebuild a physical and emotional healthy life for the addict and their family … We have the time ... and we are committed to providing the resources needed to help rebuild the lives of our communities youth and their families that are so desperately seeking a listening ear, support, guidance and assistance.